Free Website 30 Day Trial - 2017-06-03

This system is so easy to set up even grandma can do it. Basic system. 1 free email account domain related. 5 Pages: Home, Products, About Us, Contact Us, Products: Up to 5 products only, with e-commerce sell and get paid online SME package unlimited email accounts, online data base send bulk sms / mail straight from your database, unlimited ... more

Business Opportunity - 2017-05-23

About the Business Opportunity Complete the enquiry form HERE if you are interested!!! The market is huge, the Kwikwap system is phenomenal and all we need are self motivated people who want to sell and train people in the most exciting web system ever created. Even seasoned IT Professionals are impressed when they see the Kwikwap system in a... more

More about the System Modules / Addons - 2017-05-23

    Events Calendar This module allows you to easily add events to a calendar which will be displayed on your website. This is an especially useful tool for schools, sport clubs and other organizations having regular events or functions.   Announcements This module allows you to have important ... more

System at a Glance - 2017-05-23

Below are some of the more common features of all the websites. These are the basic features that we feel every website needs for you to be able to get the most out of it. Bulk Mailing List & SMS system Powerful mailing list management system thrown in for free! Come on, go and cost these systems on their own ... Emails are free and... more

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